Be Part of the change

Shouldn't everyone be able to enjoy the beach / the poolside without worrying about drowning?


Our Sponsor


We appreciate any kind of support - be it big or small. Simply follow the link below to find out how to support us.


What it costs

£10 = 1 Month of lessons

per child

  • Makes them water aware

£60 =  6 Month of lessons

per child

  • Water safe

  • Not fully proficient in swimming

£120 = 1 Year of lessons

per child + Upgrading Facilities

  • Understand water

  • Help others

  • Fully confident and proficient in the water

  • Helps with upgrading facilities & pools 

About our bracelets

Whenever you buy and wear Relate bracelets, you know that your contribution will reach the causes and people for whom it was meant, and ultimately change lives.


We have chosen to use a bracelet as our first drive for income as it is something that you can wear and show people that you are involved. Simply put 2 x bracelets equal one month's swimming lessons. You have the option of buying bulk to resell or to support us directly with individual purchases.

Helping Us / Us helping ?


We need as much help as we can get -find out how you can partner with us

Do you know someone that might want to join the program or be involved. 

90% of drowning happens in low-income countries