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Shouldn't everyone be able to enjoy the beach / the poolside without worrying about drowning?


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​Regular support helps keep us teaching those who can't afford to learn this life-saving skill. 

  • £10 a month will pay for 1 child to learn to swim. 

  • £20 a month will help 2 children a month learn to swim 

  • £30 a month will help 2 children learn to swim plus help us upgrade facilities.

We appreciate any kind of support - be it big or small. Simply follow the link below to find out how to support us.


What it costs

£10 = 1 Month of lessons

per child

  • Makes them water aware

£60 =  6 Month of lessons

per child

  • Water safe

  • Not fully proficient in swimming

£120 = 1 Year of lessons

per child

  • Understand water

  • Help others

  • Fully confident and proficient in the water

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We need as much help as we can get -find out how you can partner with us

Do you know someone that might want to join the program or be involved. 

90% of drowning happens in low-income countries