Finding Swimming solutions

in poor countries

We help the poorest people of the world learn to swim to prevent drowning by using the resources they have and finding a solution to ensuring lesson can happen.

Cold Pools

This is Cornelius. 

He is in TEARS because he is cold!

He does not want to learn to swim because the water is too cold for him and his friends. All though it is the middle of summer the water is 18 degrees Celcius. 

This is far too cold for little children to concentrate on learning how to swim. 



We help upgrade the pools at the facilities in different ways.

Things Like : heating, pool pumps, paving, repairs to pool itself. 


A situation without our help currently will result in these children not learning to swim due to lack of resources and funding. 

Swimming supplies

Currently, swimming lessons are being held at Eshowe Junior School in South Africa. Children have to share swimming costumes and swimming resources because most children cannot afford swimming costumes. We try help with swimming supplies such as costumes and other swimming aides



Most of our teachers give up their time for free to help to teach these children the vital art of swimming and survival in the water. But we do not have enough of these kind-hearted individual unfortunately and hence need qualified teachers to help teach more future swim teachers in the communities to swim and train to swim. 


Future Swimmers 

The children are desperate to learn. 

However, they need our help and the right resource but currently only a hand full have access. The ability to swim should not just be for those who can afford to learn it should and is a vital life skill that all children should learn. It is a human right!